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  • SeptemberOS. A real time embedded OS, with real-time priority-based preemptive task scheduling, optional time sharing on the same level, device drivers framework, standard C library, TCP/IP stack, POSIX support library, sample applications and device drivers.
    SeptemberOS home page
  • Daniel Drubin Access Control Suite. A protection suite for Windows PCs comprised of several technologies, that includes network access control (firewall), website blocker, files access control and programs blocker. Includes unique features based on real-time pattern scanning in network traffic. Easy to use graphical control panel, command-line tools for use in scripts, quick and easy installation.
    DDACS home page
  • Attract3D. A 3D visualization technology for virtual reality presentations. High performance optimized graphics rendering engine. Uses hardware support of graphics accelerators. Supports any user interface means provided by the OS. Allows native plug-ins (as DLLs), transparent text over presentation, mirrors, network support etc.
    Attract3D home page
  • B-locker. A time management client/server system for internet cafes. Blocks user input from keyboard and mouse when the time expires, or voluntary from the administrator's server. Resume surfing without need to reset computers.
    B-locker home page
  • Triple-DOS (shareware, 2000. freeware, 2001). A session-level task manager for DOS (similar to DOS sessions under Windows). Supports preemptive multi-tasking, background execution, devices virtualization, resources management and sharing, complete VGA state save/restore.
  • Executing Inspector (shareware, 1994. freeware, 1999). A full-screen text-mode polyfunctional debugger for DOS. Includes full-screen debugging, comfortable user interface, direct memory, port and disk access, immediate instruction execution, listings printing as hexadecimal dump or disassembly, context help and summary of real-mode interrupt calls.
  • C compiler (2003). Implements C language as defined by ISO/ANSI C9x standard, except for bit fields. Compilation into IA32 assembly source code, for Win32 platform. 
    Download C compiler package (for Visual C Developer Studio).


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