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Time Management Solution


B-locker is a simple, inexpensive and yet complete time management solution for renting computer time. It is primarily intended for Internet Cafes.
It doesn't mandate you a billing system. Whether you use an automated billing system or just accept cash personally, B-locker  only manages time that you were paid for.

"Death" Timer


The "death" timer allows use of client computer only the time that you set. Once the time is over the mouse and keyboard are blocked and  the computer can't be used. 
No reboot of client workstation is needed. It's that simple!

Attractive Prices


B-locker is the most inexpensive time management solution for Internet Cafes.
For only $119 you can manage rented time of 10 computers! And additional computers account for only $10 per computer.

Easy To Use


Interface is very simple, the most common actions are done with a single mouse click. No unnecessary fancy menus and useless options flood.
You can start using B-locker immediately as you download it. The default installation sets up an automatic configuration!


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