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Attract3D Interactive 3D Presentations

Thank you for your interest! This page is your starting point for a journey into Attract3D - interactive 3D presentations technology
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[car1.gif]Attract3D is the interactive 3D presentations technology. Attract3D presentations are virtual reality scenes, where objects are made of 3D models and behavoral programs. Presentation may be a simple controlled single-object show or a complex world with its own scenario.

Attract3D scenes allow user to move across the entire virtual world and turn in any direction, looking at objects from any position and any angle. Objects may turn, spin, move, change and interact with other objects as programmed by the presentation designer. In addition, the user may act on objects in a way that the presentation designer provided (pick, change, remove, paint, turn).

Based on proven, robust and stable OpenSceneGraph rendering engine, Attract3D provides suitable platform for business presentations, visual simulations and interactive games. Attract3D presentations may be viewed locally, placed on web or embedded in Office documents.
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