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 DDACS 2.0.1

   Protect yourself at all times!

DDACS 2.0.1 is released

What's New in 2.0.1

DDACS 2.0.1 TotalAdmin Edition comes with a whole new set of features

  • Application Firewall
  • Network Clients Control (with time restiction)
  • Network Servers Control
  • UDP Control
  • Registry Protection
  • Programs Killer
  • Improved command-line
  • Improved GUI
  • Rules grouping by policy name and easy policies changing
  • Single installer
  • Many fixes
  • Comprehensive set of default rules
  • DDACS 2.0.1 feature-limited Free Edition is available with fixes and improvements over 2.0

DDACS is a Windows endpoint protection suite based completely and exclusively on access control. It uses rules defined by you to protect your computer.

DDACS is designed to counter primarily zero-day attacks, both preventing them with access control and isolating already attacked programs from access. It can help regain control over system that is already owned by malware without reinstalling the OS.

It offers complete 360-degree protection with in principle near 100% attacks prevented. The reason is simple: if they can't get the desired access, they can't harm!

Even if malware achieves Administrator privileges, it gains nothing - it will still have to pass all access control rules checks.

DDACS also protects your privacy and legitimate use of your computer by others: kids, guests or employees.

Thanks to its reliance solely on enforcing access control rules, it doesn't perform any complex computations and uses very little resources. Unlike many other solutions, most of the time you may not notice it even running.

DDACS is very easy to use. Most common actions can be taken with a single click, after desired details are set.

Become a real administrator of your computer.


  • Files protection from stealing, modification or deletion
  • Programs protection from modification or deletion
  • Programs blocker with time restriction
  • Programs killer (terminate / suspend programs)
  • System configuration (registry) protection
  • Programs auto-start control
  • Network access protection
  • Web sites blocker
  • Administrator is subject to access control checks
  • Password protection
  • No time and resources consuming periodic operations
  • Very little resources use
  • Easily add, delete and remove rules at any time
  • Easy policies switching
  • Graphical control panel and corresponding command-line tools to use in scripts

Platforms Support

DDACS 2.0.1 supports 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 7/8/10. There are no special system requirements, any system that can run the OS can run the DDACS.


Use files protection in order to protect your sensitive files from any access by any user. Including malware that you unintentionally may have run yourself

Block any unwanted network communication

Create general rules such as "any protocol", "any port", "any program" with restricting policy (block or alert) and exception rules to allow access to specific ports, programs and files

Use website blocker to block access to unwanted sites

Log suspicious activity for further examination.

Use Alert rules in order to decide on suspicious files and network activity when it happens

Block suspicious programs, especially the ones that respawn themselves and that behave differently from expected

Use time restriction to prevent guests whom you let use your computer from running some programs and accessing some sites

Switch access policy to "guest", "kids" or "employee" set of rules when you let others use your computer

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