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 DDACS 2.0.1

   Protect yourself at all times!

What's New in 2.0.1

DDACS 2.0.1 TotalAdmin Edition comes with a whole new set of features

  • Application Firewall
  • Network Clients Control (with time restiction)
  • Network Servers Control
  • UDP Control
  • Registry Protection
  • Programs Killer
  • Improved command-line
  • Improved GUI
  • Rules grouping by policy name and easy policies changing
  • Single installer
  • Many fixes
  • Comprehensive set of default rules
  • DDACS 2.0.1 feature-limited Free Edition is available with fixes and improvements over 2.0

Installation Instructions

  1. Download installer
  2. Run the installation program
  3. Answer two questions during installation
  4. Reboot the computer in order to apply DDACS protection
    DDACS 2.0.1 TotalAdmin Edition 30-day Evaluation
    DDACS 2.0.1 Free Edition

Uninstallaion Instructions

  1. Open DDACS Command Prompt and run "ff -ra" in order to disable DDACS self-protection. You will be asked for administration password, input it in order to proceed
  2. Run "uninstall-ddacs.exe" from DDACS start menu
  3. Reboot when asked, in order to complete uninstallation.

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