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SeptemberOS 1.0 beta is an evaluation release. It is intended and licensed for evaluation, free of charge and unlimited in time. Redistribution is not allowed, for production needs consider applying for production license.

Other than stated above commercial use is allowed, including (but not limited to) conducting demonstrations and experiments. Together with complete source and documentation distribution we hope that it will make for a definite SeptemberOS evaluation.

Please review SeptemberOS 1.0 beta license before downloading.

SeptemberOS 1.0 beta Evaluation License

0. This license defines terms and conditions for use of SeptemberOS embdedded RTOS. The term "SeptemberOS" refers to full original package or any sub-package derived from it. SeptemberOS is copyright (c) Daniel Drubin, 2007-2010. All rights reserved. You (either an individual or a single entity) are not required to sign or somehow acknowledge your use of SeptemberOS. However your use of SeptemberOS must fully comply to this license; any misuse automatically terminates this license and revokes from you any right to further use SeptemberOS. You have no other rights on SeptemberOS except for non-exclusive rights listed here.

1. COPYING. You may make an unlimited number of copies, modified or unmodified of SeptemberOS for your own personal use (for example, back-up). You may make any number of modified copies for your own use.

2. DISTRIBUTION. Any distribution of SeptemberOS and derived work is not allowed. This includes the OS code, complete or partial, in source code or compiled form and all its interfaces. In particular you may not distribute software and hardware designed to interface with SeptemberOS in any way and patches to SeptemberOS.

3. TERMS OF USE. This version of SeptemberOS may be used free of charge for any evaluation purpose that doesn't include distribution of it or derived work. If you intend to use SeptemberOS for production consider applying for a separate license. This license is not time limited; you may use this version of SeptemberOS as long as you wish. It does not grant you any rights on the forthcomming versions of SeptemberOS and doesn't garantee future releases of SeptemberOS licensed under the terms of this license.

4. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. In no event, except for when it is explicitly stated by the applicable law, shall Daniel Drubin be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages (including but not limited to profit loss, business interruption, loss of business information, or any other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use of or inability to use SeptemberOS, even if he has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


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Copyright (c) Daniel Drubin, 2010