Software Products

  • DDACS A Windows endpoint protection suite that provides access control and uses rules defined by you to protect your computer. In principle it offers the ultimate protection against malicious attacks: if they can't get the desired access, they can't harm!

    Includes network access control (packet firewall), website blocker, files access control, programs blocker, registry protection, application firewall, clients and servers access control and process killer. Easy to use graphical control panel, command-line tools for use in scripts, quick and easy installation.

    Protects your privacy and legitimate use of your computer by others: kids, guests and employees.

    Also suitable for servers protection.
  • VirgoOS. A real time embedded OS, with real-time priority-based preemptive task scheduling, optional time sharing on the same level, device drivers framework, standard C library, TCP/IP stack, POSIX support library, sample applications and device drivers.

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