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Main Reiki

Reiki-Gakku Center conducts reiki practicum for all levels. In order to participate the healer must possess the appropriate degree reiki, received from any reiki master.  The practicum is conducted individually or in small groups of 4-5 people. During the practicum the healer may consult with the master about any questions that appeared and practice use of reiki.

1-st degree
On first degree classes we address questions and issues with direct hands healing:
  • hands placements and work with difficult-to-access body areas
  • healing of physical illness, wound or injury
  • healing of pain, disorder, dizziness that rose of any reason (own or attached)
  • harmonization of chakras
  • charging and refilling of with energy own body, meal and drink
  • general reiki session
2-nd degree
On first degree classes we address questions and issues with direct hands healing and distant healing and with healing of situations and relations:
  • any first degree reiki questions
  • learning of reiki symbols
  • use of symbols
  • distant healing
  • purification of home, work place or another room and transport 
  • purification, healing and rehabilitation, self and others, of damage and disease on physical, emotional and mental levels,  own or attached
  • cure, resolution and improvement of relations with people, living or already dead
  • resolution and correction of crisis and difficult situations
  • use of reiki for decision making, solution of life problems and tasks
  • use of reiki for receiving answers to questions
3-rd degree
On third degree classes we address questions and issues with use of reiki master's symbol and conducting initiations.

In order to register to reiki practicum:

:                (+972)-52-8446305
E-mail:    nesshaim@gmail.com

Русский English עברית
Main Reiki