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Main Reiki

reiki-session1Reiki healing sessions bring relief of physical and mental diseases, purification, and also deep relaxation of mind and body, comfort and conciliation of soul and just pleasant rest.

We conduct reiki healing sessions for any physical, emotional and mental diseases and injuries, mental disorders, illnesses, obsessions, fobia, purification of energetic lesions (evil eye, damage, omens), harmonization and balance of body's energetics.

We accept requests for conducting distant reiki sessions, what may be important if presence of the patient 
is impossible (the patient is in a hospital, unconscious, paralyzed, abroad etc.). If at all possible, we recommend the patient to arrive and receive a reiki session directly.

It is possible to request reiki sessions for animals and plants. In this case it is also possible to conduct reiki sessions distantly or directly; if at all possible direct sessions are recommended.

Reiki sessions for purification of home, work place or another room, clothing, household, transport etc. are offered only distantly.

reiki-session2It is possible to request reiki sessions for crisis situations resolution, important appearance or competition, harmonization and 
regeneration of relations with people or organizations. Sessions for situations are offered only distantly.

We especially recommend heaing and recovery sessions to pregrnant women and little children.

We don't accept requests for damage, omens, programming, damnation, attaching diseases and  bad luck or "return" of damage, evil eye etc. We don't do such practice and reiki is impossible to use with such intentions. Reiki is the energy of creation, it may destruct only already lived out and dead situation or relations and only with constructive aim of opening new stream of life.

In order to request a reiki session contact us:

:                (+972)-52-8446305
E-mail:    nesshaim@gmail.com

Русский English עברית
Main Reiki