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Русский English עברית Main Healing Study Practicum

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Reiki is the universal life energy. Energy "ki" vitalizes our body, supports it and allows us live and act in surrounding world and perceive it. Universality "Rei" allows us intentionally, willingly send life energy anywhere we want: our health , happiness, achievements, abilities development. Whatever reiki is directed to, it improves and harmonizes: heals body and soul, tunes situations and relationships, attracts success and prosperity. Reiki always heals "at roots", improves on all levels, to the cause itself, whatever it happens to be. Reiki is the energy of universe's absolute love ; it is granted to humans to improve their lives, achievement and obtaining of everything that they wish themselves.

Reiki levels (degrees)

Three levels (degrees) exist in reiki. These degrees differ in abilities of using reiki that they open. Advanced levels (2 and 3) allow also use of preceding levels (1 and 2, respectively) and require prior possession of preceding level reiki.

1-st degree
allows using reiki by immediate contact of hands. It is possible to:
  • Heal all physical diseases; relieve pain, distress, energetic impacts
  • Harmonize and balance personal energetics
  • Fill and refill the body with energy
  • Halvanize with life energy food, drink, drugs, electric equipment and  just about everything.
It is possible to self heal as well as heal other people, animals and plants.

2-nd degree
allows using all abilities of the first degree, and additionally to:
  • Use all abilities of the first degree distantly (no matter what the distance us)
  • Purify and defend compartments from negative influences
  • Resolve for one's good, harmonize and create favorable situations
  • Heal on emotional and mental levels, including causes of physical diseases and emotional and mental blocks
  • Resolve and harmonize situation in past, heal emotional injuries of any age
  • Resolve and improve relationships of any age, including such with  already dead people
  • Purify and defend oneself from negative influences
  • Grow any abilities, attract success in any area and case
  • Heal from harmful  habits and dependencies (smoking, alcohol, drugs,  sex addiction)
  • Heal from mental diseases and disorders (schizophrenia, epilepsy, paranoia, depression, fobia)
  • Receive answers to any questions
  • Receive guidance and support in any case and in any situation (including  any study, transcedental experiments)
3-rd degree (master / teacher)
opens contact of consciousness with the soul and grants abilities to soul healing and spiritual development; set harmony between mind and spirit. Reiki goes with any intention and will of the man. The man becomes conscious master of his own life and lives in contact and harmony with himself and with the universe.

After completing attunements and study of third degree reiki, a man becomes capable of conducting attunements and teaching reiki.

Third degree reiki also allows use of all abilities of the second degree.

Attunements and study

Reiki study consists of initiation into the respective degree and a lecture. During the lecture use of reiki according to the degree is explained, provided answers to any questions, conducted experiment reiki session (1-st and 2-nd degree) and a meditation. By the end of the study the new reiki healer receives a brochure with materials and certificate of receiving initiation and study of reiki.

Study of one reiki degree occupies 4-5 hours.

After initiation purification starts on levels that the specific degree opens for reiki. Initiation into reiki 1st degree starts purification on physical and energetical levels.
Initiation into reiki 2nd degree starts purification on emotional and mental levels. Initiation into reiki 3rd degree starts healing of the soul.

Purification after initiations lasts 21 day. Therefore we recommend (even though it is strictly not necessary) that at least three weeks pass between initiations. During this time the man will be able to "adapt" himself to reiki channel, complete purification and practice this reiki degree.

Reiki and religion

There are no barriers for studying reiki for followers of all known to us religions. With that said, it is important to emphasize that we don't belong to any existing confession and we don't teach reiki in context of any religion. Therefore the decision whether study and practice of reiki is compatible with your religious beliefs lays completely on you.

Русский English עברית Main Healing Study Practicum