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Reiki Horoscopes

The REIKI GAKKU center of bodily and spiritual health is led by master Sienna. We teach reiki for all levels, construct horoscopes and provide astrologic consultations.

is the universal life energy. We teach the Japanese system of using reiki. Everybody can learn; it's not harder to use reiki than it is to say a request. One of the main advantages of reiki, along with efficienct - is its ease of use.

is the science that deals with constructing one's psychologic portrait: character, abilities, tendencies and relation to life in its different fields - according to placement of Solar system planets and Zodiac constellations during birth. According to the natal chart it is possible to determine native's abilities to success in marriage, career, creativity, financials, his world outlook, aptitude to logic thinking and intuitive perception and also various factors that aid or disturn his self-expression. It is possible also to watch native's life's tendfencies in different periods, to determine moments for key decisions and appropriate time for actions in all life directions.

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Initiations and learing of Reiki all levels

Русский English עברית
Reiki Horoscopes