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is a science that studies influence of Solar system planets and Zodiac constellations on human's life and destiny. From analysis of native's natal chart (birth chart) It is possible to discover his temper, abilities and natural behavior in different life areas, in different situations and in relationships with colleagues, family, parents, spouse, relatives, friends and with society in general.

What is more important, it is possible to discover relation of a person to himself and to the world which we live in, his deepest soul's wounds and disappointments, inner pursuit for transformation and rebirth and ways of its living and fulfillment.

Proper use of astrology
may provide with a lot of information and even ready answers to questions that disturb a person during his entire life. Along with that (and this also related to proper use) it is important to know what should not be expected from astrology:
  • "a magic wand" for escaping from problems as soon as we discovered them. Knowledge itself doesn't ever solve anything, but it lets a man decide

  • information when and where to invest 50 cents in order to receive 1 billion of dollars income

  • information when and which side to stare in the window so that prince charming-and-wealthy will knock the door with a wedding ring in his hands

  • information when and where a man will die
We don't do astrologic predictions. A man is born free and lives free, and his right to freedom of choice is the highest life principle. Therefore a man is responsible for his actions and his life quality, whether he is aware of that or not. We have no intention to take part of that responsibility, but to provide means to realize that he conceals also the possibility to consciously choose happiness and wealth.

Personal astrologic consultations
We conduct personal astrologic consultations based on the person's natal chart (more precise birth time and place allows for more precise analysis).

During the consultation we will discover different sides of a man's personality, condition of his emotional and sensual part, his behavior in general and in particular to his family, parents, relatives, friends and colleagues, work relationships, his health, world outlook, career and socializing, relationships with his spouse and also his abilities and "bones" hiding in his subconsciousness.

We will learn his relation to money and material world at all, his sexuality and life study (not necessarily formal) of our world and its principles, of living in material world with gains and losses, of release of all chains and barriers, of reunion with the universe and of formation of
consciousness to be true master of himself.

It is important to remember that natal chart shows what the man came to this life with, but it doesn't determine how he will live this life. On the countrary, material world exists so that through living in it a man could know himself and consciously choose how he wishes to live his life. From knowing and accepting natal chart a man starts liberation from it.

Русский English עברית Main Order horoscope